Company catering done a little differently!

Catering Studio: your food director

Traditional catering and standard contracts are yesterday’s news. After all, your guests and employees expect better than a sandwich and a vacuum packed cheese slice, and so do you.

You’re looking for quality, vitality, creativity and sustainability and will only be satisfied with the best and freshest local produce, meals made with passion and healthy food that boosts your vitality. And you want to work with a catering partner that innovates, inspires and connects. A caterer is not enough: you need a food director. And we’re the number one food director around! 

We compose the tastiest, freshest, most innovative and most circular food solutions for every occasion, perfectly in line with the needs and wishes of your community. Each meal is entirely customised and every meal is delicious, healthy and sustainable.

Uit onze studio


Our local heroes deliver the best products from their region, have craft, specialism and a beautiful story...


Catering Studio is more than just a caterer: we're a food director!

This means that we keep a watchful eye over your catering concept for you and your guests. We facilitate everything relating to food and drink, including management, organisation, logistics and quality assurance. In addition, we also serve as your community manager. We pay close attention to the needs and wishes of our customers so that we can quickly anticipate the dynamic and ever-changing demand in the food sector.